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Agreement towards the step three most commonly known symptoms was good ranging from teams: swelling (95

Agreement towards the step three most commonly known symptoms was good ranging from teams: swelling (95

Signs and symptoms of BC

16.7% and you will twenty eight.9% regarding laywomen and you may assessment attendees had sufficient knowledge of symptoms, respectively. 2% and you will 93.0%), axillary nodes (75.8% and you will 73.1%), and bloody discharge of mamilla (49.3% and 53.2%) were expressed by laywomen and you can assessment attendees, correspondingly (Fig. 3). Related products of getting adequate education is actually listed in Dining table dos.

Risk facts from BC

The majority of one another laywomen and you will tests attendees had sufficient education out-of exposure products out of BC (seven.0% versus. 6.0%, respectively). Laywomen believed that hereditary predisposition (81.1%), bodily stress (55.5%), and you can smoking (47.1%) certainly are the about three typical risk points, while evaluating attendees recommended to decide hereditary predisposition (85.6%), physical injury (49.3%), and you can irradiation (forty-five.8%). The content did not match the criteria regarding logistic regression design just like the only a little ratio of one’s respondents got sufficient knowledge away from chance issues so that we analysed which result which have univariate analytics solely. One of tests attendees, ladies who had adequate studies was basically best experienced (p = 0.01).

Supply of suggestions

Television (41.9%), the internet (41.0%), and you can general practitioners or experts (38.3%) have been the 3 popular guidance present among laywomen. On the contrary, assessment attendees preferred to decide standard practitioners otherwise experts (49.3%), family relations and you may colleagues (42.8%), and television (37.8%) are the three common present (Fig. 4).


This research aimed to assess the details of women (laywomen against. assessment attendees) off BC and you will BC evaluation. Just like the examination consumption is suboptimal when you look at the Hungary, an update would be desirable to beat BC-associated mortality.