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I Tried Raya, The “Celebrity Dating App,” And Deleted It After 3 Dates

I Tried Raya, The “Celebrity Dating App,” And Deleted It After 3 Dates

I heard it was how Amy Schumer met one of her boyfriends, and everyone I knew on it seemed to be matching with Pete Davidson. Raya is frequently described as a “celebrity dating app,” although during the short time I was on it, it would have been better described as a “celebrity dating app + Ginny.” Yes, I tried Raya, but decided to delete it after three dates. Ultimately, I learned that celebrity dating just isn’t for me (spoiler: I never met a celebrity).

Raya describes itself as a “private, membership-based social network.” It has an option for professional networking, in addition to dating. To get access to it, you have to be invited by a friend and then have your profile approved by the app via them scanning your social media. Despite its networking theme, everyone I know on the app uses and describes it as a dating app. Still, I would come to learn that the exclusivity, as well as the emphasis on professional networking, has the potential to make Raya a little less fun and flirty and a little more business casual.

Raya, a dating app designed to be deliberately exclusive, had long held a strong allure for me

I was so excited when Raya approved my profile.